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Description of PUBG: NEW STATE

PUBG: New State is a new battle royale game for Android created by the company behind Playerunknonw’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It features incredible fast-faced online battles with 100 players fighting each other to prove they’ve the skills to be the last survivor. PUBG: New State is familiar to all Android gamers because of the classic PUBG version we’ve been playing for years now, but it’s also new because it brings us a lot of surprises to carry on with the fun, including new maps with futuristic looks, new weapons with surprising fire rates and even new means of transports! Download PUBG: New State in your Android device to discover the next generation of battle royale games.         

If something works, don’t change it, just improve it! And that’s what PUBG STUDIOS has done with our favorite battle royale game. The gameplay in PUBG: New State is the one we already know and what we are actually looking for: a 100 players parachute in a map full of resources. Their goal will be to survive for longer than the other 99 players to be then crown champion of the match. 

The first surprise worthy to note in PUBG: New State is called Troi, an amazing new location based in a near future, 2051. In Troi we’ll discover futuristic designs and a whole new set of spots to carry on our duties: looting with the best material, finishing our opponents and surviving till the end. In Troi, you’ll need to explore all the new locations to find the best material for these tasks. The Exhibition Hall, located right in the centre of the map, the Mall that can get a bit crowded, or the Factory, are some of the new areas for you to have all the fun you would expect when downloading a battle royale game for Android. 

PUBG: New State comes with many more surprises, including the collection of weapons we’ll find along our exploration of Troi. These new weapons are not only new in their looks, but also in the relevant aspects we all fighters look into: fire rate and ammo. Thanks to these new weapons, we’ll be able to discover new killing opportunities and strategies that guarantee many hours of fun! Along with new weapons, PUBG: New State comes with two completely new (and useful) vehicles! On the first hand, we’ve got Volta, a highly resistant car that we can use to move around the map before it starts shrinking. On the second hand, we can find Vulture, a two-wheeler that works as a motorbike. This means it’s a much faster way of getting to our destination without having to walk all the way. 

But these two new vehicles are not the only new mean of transport brought to us by PUBG: New State. We’ll also find a tram, that works like a safehouse to move around Troi without having to worry about enemy attacks. Just hop on the tram, and enjoy the ride to your destination! 

Another good reason for battle royale lovers to download PUBG: New State is the added battle mechanisms: drone calls and support requests. If you find yourself in trouble and in need of help, you can use any of these two options to get the assistance you need, either by land or air! 

In PUBG: New State the graphics are extremely realistic. Not only the textures of surfaces around the players are very detailed, but also the characters’ moves are very realistic. Once you add surrounding sound effects, you’ll find PUBG: New State gaming experience as immersive as in console games. 

Your matches in PUBG: New State will never be cut off because of a poor connection with a server, because thanks to the technology Vulkan(API) the service can enjoy a guaranteed stability and even improved performance and optimization. 


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What's new- New events have been added- New gun skins and costumes have been added- Gun customizations have been added- A new vehicle has been added- Content systems have been updated- Overall improvements to content

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179 Reviews
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PUBG: NEW STATE - APK Information

APK Version: com.pubg.newstate
Android compatability: 7.0+ (Nougat)
Developer:KRAFTON, Inc.Privacy Policy:https://newstate.pubg.com/policy/privacypolicyPermissions:20
Name: PUBG: NEW STATESize: 92.5 MBDownloads: 157.5KVersion : Date: 2024-03-21 02:27:23Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU:
Package ID: com.pubg.newstateSHA1 Signature: 53:21:6F:19:88:01:0B:F5:ED:FF:41:25:64:BD:C0:88:18:F6:4E:A7Developer (CN): AndroidOrganization (O): Google Inc.Local (L): Mountain ViewCountry (C): USState/City (ST): California

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